What We Offer

Taster Class

This class is designed to give you a little insight into what we do in our lessons before committing to a course. We will show you some of the foundation moves of pole in this hour long class, ensuring you will be hooked by the time you finish. These classes run every few months and costs £12.50 for the hour depending on the studio location. You can find the next taster class dates on the studio location page of your choice.

Beginner to Elite level classes all run as a consecutive 6 week block of lessons. Please see the studio page for pricing.

Please note that we do not run drop in classes.


Our beginner classes are designed to help you build up your stamina, strength and confidence on and around the pole, whilst having fun at the same time. From spins to beautiful tricks this level will give you the foundation you need to progress safely onto our high level classes.

Intermediate 1

This level is designed to help you master the basics of inverting (going upside down). Here you will learn and conquer all the inverted tricks you will need to help build up your stamina and endurance to stay up the pole for a longer period of time. Lots of conditioning will be introduced here to ensure you are safe and able to succeed with whatever is thrown your way by your instructors.

Intermediate 2

Now that you are stronger, fitter and more able to lift onto the pole we will incorporate some harder tricks, spins, holds and combos into this level. This is where your love and obsession with pole will take on a whole new meaning


This level is designed to teach you some amazing tricks, spins and work on harder more complex combos. This is the level where moves you are shown will seem crazy to achieve and once you get them will make you feel like a superstar!


At this level you will be flipping, spinning and tumbling around the pole like a professional. All the conditioning and foundation moves you have learnt previously will now be added into amazing combo and mini routines for you to show off your amazing strength and power. Mastering those moves you only dreamt of when you first stepped foot into your first pole class.

Heels Classes

We love the sensual side of pole and putting on our beautiful heels and just moving around the pole. We offer these classes on a monthly basis in Staines, Twickenham & Wandsworth. In this 90 minute class you will learn a routine on and around the pole whilst bringing out your inner sexy side leaving you feeling amazing. £20 for 90 minute class – you can also do this class barefoot.

Flow Classes

These classes are designed to help you work on grace and elegance around the pole with floor work added in for extra fun. In this hour you will learn a mini routine incorporating spins and transitions to a song that will really get you working on your stamina. This class is offered at Staines and costs £15 for an hour.

Flexibility Classes

Our flex and stretch classes are run by qualified instructors in this field that will help you to achieve front splits, box splits and all the back bends your heart desires. This hour class costs £15-£18 depending on the studio location

Practice Sessions

If you are a pupil of The Pole Hub and at an intermediate or higher level you can hire out the Staines, Twickenham or Wandsworth studio for an hour. You must have someone with you at all times when practising for Health and Safety and only practise what you have been taught in lessons. You will get your own pole in this hour for just £7.50.

If you are coming from another school you will be required to attend a lower level class to start with so that your instructor can see where you are at within our syllabus before placing you into the correct group. This hour class costs £16.

If you are unsure what level you are please take a look at our gallery page that will show you some moves from each of our levels.