Meet Helen




Horse riding and scuba diving

3 fun facts:

  1. 1. I grew up in the Middle East
  2. 2. I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  3. 3. I have a degree in Interior Design

1. What is your day job?

Running the company and teaching - pole is my 24 hour life

2. What made you get into pole?

Left Uni and wanted to do something different from normal gym classes

3. What do you enjoy most about pole?

That there is always something new to work on, as well as the different styles that you can train depending on how you are feeling

4. What is your favourite part about teaching?

Watching my pupils faces when they see a move thinking they can't do it but then nailing it. Plus sharing my passion for pole with them

5. What is your nemesis pole move?

Bad side pole sit - OUCH OUCH OUCH

6. What is your 2024 pole goal?

Get back to training after having my baby boy

7. What is your favourite element of pole?

Heels flow

8. When did you start pole?

October 2008

9. Who is your pole idol?

Doris Arnold, Sarah Scott & Chloe Anderson

The Pole Hub instructor Helen K holding a pose on a pole
Cartoon drawing of The Pole Hub instructor Helen K holding a pose on a pole


  • Level 1 & 2 Xpert Pole Instructor
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Pole Studio Instructor
  • Beginner Spin City Pole Instructor
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Spin City Flexibility and Stretch
  • Spin City Anatomy and Physiology
  • Spin City Strength and Conditioning
  • X-Pert Spinning Pole Instructor
  • X-Pert Flexibility Flow Instructor
  • Pre & Post Natal Specialist
  • Level 1 Anti Gravity Yoga Instructor
  • Active IQ Teacher and Assessor
  • Level 2 Nutritionist
  • Disability Awareness in Sport

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