Meet Dominique


21 plus some


Park run, open water swimming, making crafts with little ones.

3 fun facts:

  1. 1. I never tell anyone my real age or weight
  2. 2. I joined the circus when I lived in Mexico
  3. 3. I’m in my inflatable hot tub every morning at 6am

1. What is your day job?

Teacher of Drama, Theatre and Acting

2. What made you get into pole?

I joined the circus in Mexico and did a bit there and it sounded fun

3. What do you enjoy most about pole?

It’s physically challenging and makes me think about my body in a good way

4. What is your favourite part about teaching?

Making others feel confident and strong within their own bodies

5. What is your nemesis pole move?


6. What is your 2024 pole goal?

Keep working equally on both sides, and encourage others to do the same!

7. What is your favourite element of pole?

I love flow and combos and like a dance at the end

8. When did you start pole?


9. Who is your pole idol?


The Pole Hub instructor Dominique P holding a pose on a pole


  • Level 1 & 2 Xpert Pole Instructor

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